Anna  Mitaki
Country: Greece
Genres: Nu-Disco, Nu-Funk, Soulful House

Anna Mitaki biography

She does not understand the word "syncbutton", simply because the radiostation she started with had no CD players. She hosted a radioshow in a small village in Greece in her late teens and learned how to cue and start songs the hard way: by using vinyl. Five nights a week, two hours a day. After almost a year she was on her way home after the show and walked into a club for a drink, recordbag hanging on her shoulder. A friend of her who was DJ-ing that night spotted her, pulled her into the DJ booth and stepped out:"I have something to do right now, help me out here please..." and walked of. Three songs later she was hooked. She never let herself be influenced by club owners or others and always followed her own taste and style. For the love of music. We at MLive Radio share that motivation and are proud to have Anna Mitaki as a member of the team. Her mix sets will take you on a trip from Nu-Disco and Nu-Funk to Soulful House and back again every Friday evening from 21:00 EST.