Mark  Tritone
Country: The Netherlands
City: Amsterdam
Genres: Anything with a soulful vibe
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Mark Tritone biography

This music lover and self proclaimed perfectionist started hosting his first radio shows at the age of 9 using an old 27 MHz transceiver with a "custom built" microphone. The signal that was produced probably never reached the end of the street but hey, what can you expect of the technical knowledge of a 9 year old ;)
The music he played back then came from self-cut cassette tapes that were recorded while listening to shows on one of the terrestrial frequencies. Top 40 hit music was aired but also huge parts of a show that aired imported soul and disco music.

Because the family moved around a lot during his childhood the opportunity to place an antenna never was a steady factor. By the age of 16 he ran into a group of fellow enthusiasts who had already started a small pirate radio station; he joined Horizon FM soon after. Many raids and changes of the stations name (HotFM, Tinsletown FM, Discount FM) took place during the following 5 years, but the raids finally put an end to the endurance and financial capacities of the crew until the finally decided to pull the plug. Broadcasting on FM just was not possible anymore.....

In the "quiet years" he still listened to the stations that were out there with a very open mind, soaking up as much knowledge about "radio" as humanly possible. Some day......

"Some day" finally turned into 2008, when the internet became bigger by the second along with the bandwidth that came with it. A nameless web station was born where he and a friend mostly broadcasted pre-recorded DJ set's. That era lasted for about three years, after which he consecutively joined 2 stations located in Amsterdam for a total of almost 3 years. Difference in vision caused him to part from both stations.

Currently active for one of the oldest stations in London, UK, called Starpoint Radio, and of course for this organization which aims to be the future of modern day radio.

Turn it on & keep it on!