Richard  V
Genres: Electro Funk, Funk, Disco, Soul

Richard V biography

Don't try to start a deep conversation with this Dutchie before noon and if you decide to ignore this advice, bring coffee. Lots of it. His alarmclock sounds like a moog btw. Some facts from the past: has been spinning tunes on pirate radio stations like Galaxy FM, Multiwave FM and Discount FM . Learned to beatmix after his Galaxy years in his attic, and went to spin the wheels of steel at "the occasional" party. Radio turned into remixing and toying around with samples, and one of the biggest influneces has been Kraftwerk since 1971. That's where his love for electro/synth is coming from. In the last decade or so his musical taste has gotten a bit broader and nowadays soul is sticking to him like candy to a kids face!