New single for Nyree, album is upcoming

May 20, 2017 / By Mark / Artists • New Album • New Single / 0 comments
New single for Nyree, album is upcoming
We got sent a copy of this a couple of days ago and were asked for feedback. This is how I was feeling when I played it the first time:
"The only thing wrong about this song is that the weather is not hot enough for it so I can enjoy it with an icecold bottle of rosé wine, on the beach with sand between my toes"
A more professional review about the artist, the song and the upcoming album is right here:

'International Girl' is the very apt title of an upcoming long player from a new-to-us soulstress, NYREE. "Apt" because though now based in the UK, Nyree is Armenian and she constantly travels the world to find work and to promote her recordings.
The album is out very soon and is being heralded by a sultry, 70s flavoured single, 'Brighter Shade Of Love'. The single is currently being promoted by Dee Majek (Kejam) and Godfrey Fletcher of NeoSoul... both of whom know more than a bit about modern soul! They say that 'Brighter Shade Of Love' "borrows from yesteryear and bestows a soulful tomorrow" ... couldn't have put it better myself!
A diligent internet search will bring you to Nyree, The International Girl!
Source: soulandjazzandfunk.com

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